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Now the wind and wind, write something for those who are new to this step.
I wrote here because of Binomo’s knowledge of the Binary Option and a chance to earn more income for me. Not known as the excellent person but last time thanks to the binary he learned a lot more things. I will share later, this article I will go deep into the psychology and emotions.

– Speaking of emotions, this is great. When your trade is bad, your most negative thoughts appear to force you to struggle with yourself. If you are a person who is angry or annoyed with others, see other people up for money and think you’re crazy, then you’ll blame everything around. Blame the floor, for the network, for the computer. You get angry for everyone to prove the only thing that is to find you are the right … but the market does not see you so. It sees you wrong is you wrong.
Your job is to develop yourself, eliminate negative thoughts from your head, eliminate bad habits.
– Attitude with money. If you do not like wealthy dads or snowmobiling, desert tourism, cycling 50-60 million, talk about success. Be careful, you are not attacted with that currency. They are successful, great money management. That is the difference between you and them. When you are not the right attitude for money do not trade quickly. Because you will certainly make mistakes on the management of money investment. Imagine not related to that utopia. The problem of the type of people who borrow money and get lost again …
There are many more things I will say later. Let’s focus on developing ourselves, exchanging and accumulating every day. Love u.


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Wish you are a successful investor!

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