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Couple Have Helped Over 7000 Get New Homes

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David and Joyce Walker started Keswick Pets’ Lifeline in 1986. Although they had worked with other charities prior, they probably never imagined that after 32 years of work their efforts would have helped over 7,000 cats and kittens through fostering, veterinary care and rehoming. David estimates that about 220 cats and kittens annually attribute to that amazing number.


This is Bob, He is a neutered 12-month old tabby currently at Pets’ Lifeline.

Different to other charities, there is no minimum donation for adopting an animal.  If a home passes the qualifiers, the individual or family can offer any amount to support the ongoing cause.  They also do standard fundraising.  Both revenue streams help to off-set the costs of veterinary and cattery expenses such as heating, food, and marketing to find homes for their wards.  They also offer a membership for £5 (US $6.50), but share that most parties will donate.

“Some people are very generous, one man last year turned up and wrote us a cheque for £8,000 (US $10,500) and we are occasionally left some in legacies,” David told News and Star.

“One family came up from Lancashire – they must have seen our market stall in Keswick, and they donated £500 (US $650).”


Pretty Haribo is a six-and-a-half-year-old spayed female.

The couple is always looking for help. Please check out their Facebook page, Keswick Pets’ Lifeline, for more information and to support their good work.

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