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Summer’s Almost Here: How ‘Bout A Doggy Beer?!

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Enterprising dog lovers have really begun cornering the market on the “canine-ization” of the foods humans love.

These days you can find dog-safe versions of bacon, cupcakes, ice cream and a host of other foodie-licious finds that allow people to share a beloved snack with their best friends in ways that aren’t harmful. And in recent years, the craft beer explosion has even found its way into the specialty pet food market, allowing owners to crack open a cold one with Rover after a fun afternoon playing frisbee in the park, a good, hard trail run, perhaps even something handler and service dog could share after a solid day’s work for “puppy hour.”

And to paraphrase a certain popular beer campaign, you may not always want to drink “beer” with your dog, but when you do, here are a few to consider:


A relatively new carbonated pour that’s brewed in the U.K. Bottom Sniffer takes your dog’s intense olfactory skills into consideration, adding herbs like dandelion. nettle and burdock into its mix of barley malt and natural chicken flavoring. Dogs love it, they say, but remind customers that Bottom Sniffer (like the act itself, done politely at the dog park, of course) is a treat. They recommend no more than a bottle a day.

Photo: Bottom Sniffer -----------------------------------

Photo: Bottom Sniffer



This Oregon-based brewer makes a 100 percent vegetarian brew that combines brewers wort (malted barley water), trace mineral supplements and vegetarian k9 glucosamine and comes in three sizes to ensure your dog gets the proper dosage. Dawg Grog is non-carbonated and can be served over dry or wet food, with water or as a liquid treat as is (instead of another edible treat). Freeze it into cubes on hot days for something extra refreshing for Fido!



Does your Belgian malinois prefer Belgian beer? Or maybe your mutt is bit of a connoisseur. If so, Belgian-brewed Snuffle may be the right choice for you. Made with beef or chicken along with barley extracts, mineral oils, vitamin B and other good stuff, quality counts at this company. All ingredients used for the pups are also fit for human consumption. Not that you’d necessarily want to trade your Stella Artois for what the dog’s having.

Above all, it’s important to remember that the alcoholic beer that people enjoy is not for animal consumption! Even a wee sip can be toxic, so if you’re inclined to beer up with your bow-wow, make sure its doggy beer for your four-legged friend.

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