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Spread the Word This Puppy Mill Awareness Day

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Spread the Word This Puppy Mill Awareness Day

Each September, the ASPCA joins like-minded animal welfare organizations and advocates to remind animal lovers that there are still hundreds of thousands of dogs living in heartbreaking conditions in puppy mills across the nation.

These dogs are kept in outdoor kennels or caged in darkness, without adequate food, water or veterinary care. We are shown spotless, adorable puppies in shop windows and on pet-selling websites, but the facilities they come from and their parents—the breeding dogs still trapped in these places—remain hidden.

In honor of Puppy Mill Awareness Day tomorrow, September 21, we are shining a light on this cruel industry.

Puppy mill dogs

Visit Barred From Love to find out how you can fight back against the cruelty of commercial breeding and make a difference for puppy mill dogs, this Puppy Mill Awareness Day and all year long.

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