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10 Ways to Celebrate Dogtober Wherever You Are

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10 Ways to Celebrate Dogtober Wherever You Are

October 1, 2019

a black and white pitbull chewing a rope

As you may know, October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, or what we like to call Dogtober! And this Dogtober, we encourage everyone to get involved to promote adoption and help give more second chances to loving dogs across the nation. But there’s not just one way to help shelter dogs this month. Below, we’ve got our top 10 ways you can celebrate Dogtober (and give back to homeless dogs) from wherever you are!

1. Volunteer at your local shelter.

a woman with a dog sitting on stone steps outside

 Many shelters and rescues offer different types of opportunities for volunteering, including walking dogs, socializing with animals, helping with events and more. Call a shelter or rescue near you to find out more.

2. Adopt! 

a woman with a puppy

Adopting a shelter dog not only gives a deserving animal a loving home, but it also makes room for more animals in need. You can find available dogs at your local rescues and shelters.

3. Become a foster caregiver. 

a woman with a dog on a couch

Help out at your local shelter or rescue by becoming a foster caregiver and giving a shelter animal a temporary home and some TLC. Contact a rescue or shelter near you to find out more about their foster program options.

4. Share local adoptable animals on your social media channels. 

a happy black and white dog

By simply sharing adoptable animal’s profiles on your social media channels with your friends and family, you can help them potentially find loving homes quicker.

5. Spread awareness about adoption. 

a dog wearing an adopt me vest

Let friends and family know just how great it is to adopt! Shelter dogs will bring lots of love and happiness into your life, and it’s an important way to save innocent lives.

6. Wear your heart on your sleeve! 

a man wearing an aspca sweatshirt with a Shiba Inu

Speak out for animals with ASPCA sweatshirts, t-shirts and exclusive gear.

7. Start a fundraiser. 

a puppy with a piggy bank

Become a part of Team ASPCA and help raise funds for vulnerable animals nationwide. You can participate in an athletic event, donate your birthday or wedding, or host an event—how you fundraise is up to you!

8. Advocate for animals. 

a puppy wearing an american flag hat

Stay up to date on how you can use your voice to speak up for animals, find volunteer opportunities, tips for making humane choices and for easy ways to take action right from your computer.

9. Pamper the pets in your life! 

a puppy drinking out of a cup

Give the furry friends in your life something special. Hit the drive thru for a “puppuccino,” or consider making some homemade treats for your pets. Also, consider having your next date night at a pet-friendly restaurant so that your four-legged family member can tag along!

10. Make a gift to the ASPCA.

an aspca responder kissing a puppy

Every day of every year, we work to fight for the animals who need us most. With support from people like you, we can find more loving homes for animals who are patiently waiting on their second chances.

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