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Teach your baby how to stay safe with pets.

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In the face of serious pet accident information, especially cats and dogs, parents of young children begin to worry about raising pets.

Before the information about serious accidents of children caused by pets, parents need to teach children safety rules when raising pets.

Most recently, the news that little Lexi Hudson lived in Mountsorrel, Leicestershire, England was attacked by the dog of the family died on the spot. He was quickly taken to a medical center in Nottingham but failed to survive because of his severe injuries.

In Vietnam, on July 8, Children’s Hospital 2 of Ho Chi Minh City had a penis reconstruction surgery of T.A.N. Baby is more than 1 month old, residing in Binh Duong. An accident occurs when the child was attacked by a dog. The family said that the new dog bite was brought home to raise for a short time. While the mother was playing with N., suddenly the dog rushed to bite his genitals. The baby was hospitalized in a state of genital area was seriously injured, torn and deep bleeding …

In the face of serious pet accident, especially cat and dog, parents with small children begin to worry about pets. And here is what you need to teach your child about pets to protect and prevent him from accidents and diseases:

8 principles to teach children about dogs and cats

1. Do not go near strange dogs and cats.
2. Do not destroy them when they are eating, sleeping or caring for their children.
3. Must tell an adult immediately if a stray dog ​​or cat is encountered.
4. Playing with dogs and cats only when there are adults nearby.
5. Never provoke them or startle them.
6. Let them smell first, then stroke them.

7. When a strange dog approaches, do not run and scream at the same time that must stand still, do not look into their eyes. If he falls, lie still pretending to be like a log, if the dog does not see him as a threat he will leave.
8. If you are bitten by a cat or dog, let the adult know right away.

Prevent disease from pets

– Every year, the family needs to give vaccinations to pets and take worms medicine periodically.
– Regularly hygiene, bathing and killing ticks, fleas for pets.
– Clean hands and feet after contact with pets.
– When animals show signs of disease such as hair loss, itching, not eating, etc., they should be taken immediately to the clinic.

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