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Ways to win when trading binary options iq options

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“Risk Warning: Binary options trading may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved”

Basically, trading binary options involves making predictions as to whether the price of underlying assets will go up or down. When trading like that, there are only two results: you either win or lose.

As a trader, before you start trading, you need to understand what binary options trading is. Binary trading is not the same as usual options. They differ in terms of cost, risk, and payment.

If you are looking to limit risk or speculative investment, binary options will be a great option with making asset predictions. In this article, we will explain binary options trading to help you trade better.

Let’s get straight to the main issue.

Key Features of Binary Options Trading
In all the different contracts, there are three main characteristics traders need to know and understand.

  • Expiry time: This is the period of time from the beginning of the option contract purchase until the contract ends. This time period can last from a minute to a month. Most traders usually opt for short-term options that range from 60 seconds to 30 minutes.
  • Strike price: In simple terms, this is the price to execute buy or sell orders. For example, the current price of gold is $ 1,500 and successful trading will yield 80% of the profits. You bet $ 100 that the price will go up. When the contract ends and the price of gold goes up, you will get back $ 100 and get an additional 80% of your initial bet. In this case, you end up earning $ 180 in all. In case your prediction is incorrect, you will lose $ 100 initially placed.

  • Payout offer: The payout offer is a profit level, usually expressed as a percentage (%), that the broker (broker) recommends to the trader. For the aforementioned gold asset case, the proposed level is 80% for a successful trade. The maximum potential loss will be limited to the initial investment (deposit). However, some traders may recommend a 10% level for loss trades. As a trader, you will know these percentages before placing a bet.

Types of Binary Options Trading
In the past, there was only one trading option for traders of binary options. It’s the high / low option, also known as up / down (up / down) or call / put (buy / sell). As the public became increasingly interested in this form of binary trading, new options appeared.

  • High / low: This is the most basic and popular option. You will choose whether the price of the asset will go up or down before the expiry time.
  • Turbo: Like high / low, but the expiry time starts from 30 seconds or more. The maximum expiry time of turboprop option is 5 minutes. This type of business is not legal in European countries and the US, because the risk level seems to be quite high, while traders like this type of game because it allows high profits in a short time.

Trading Strategies
With binary options, your risk is limited to the value you trade, which can start from as small as $ 1. When you lose, you will lose the value of the trade, or a percentage of the value of the trade, depending on the broker’s proposal.

So, before trading, you need to invest time to learn about potential risks and always use price action to make informed decisions. Technical indicators are also popular among traders.

There are many different strategies you can apply. Which strategy to apply depends on your situation at the time. The straddle trading strategy (straddle: “leg”) is the most appropriate risk management method for experienced traders in identifying short-term market trends.

You also need to learn about candlestick chart patterns, in order to assess the status of market prices and their potential movement trends.

Business Binary Options Explanation – The Last Word
Like any form of investment, binary options will have its risks and rewards, so you need to know how the platform works to make the right decisions.

With this article, we hope that it will help you understand a little about how binary options trading works. When you’re just getting started, use the demo account to practice. It will help you understand your trading market, know how to use analysis tools to make decisions and track your own trades.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

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“Risk Warning: Binary options trading may not be suitable for everyone, so please ensure that you fully understand the risks involved”

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Wish you happy and successful transactions!

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