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Breast Milk Poisoning Syndrome In Newborn Dogs

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Breast Milk Poisoning Syndrome in Newborn Dogs


Dogs tend to get breastfeeding newborn “milk poisoning syndrome” with symptoms: bloating, abdominal pain, cried bitterly not only one child but many children, sometimes even above. Puppies abruptly quit breastfeeding, diarrhea, anal pushing up the red variety, rough up cauliflower shaped flowers. The whole body cold, pale with the seizures, died after a few hours or a few days if not detected early and properly treated professionally.

1.Why dogs poisoned breast milk?


Bactericidal ability of the small dog gastric stomach is poor because the average pH of 3, while adult dogs pH <2. The cause of the infection through breastfeeding milk cause gastrointestinal disorders, milk poisoning toxins and bacteria such as Salmonella, E. choli and pyogenic bacteria: Streptococcus, Staphylococus …

2.What causes breast infection?


– Dog Vaginitis mother, uterine or vaginal fluids flowing inflammation with toxic bacteria in milk.

– Inflammation of one or more teat milk also cause damage.

– The scrapes wound infections found by dog design finish feeding scratched legs.

– Breast milk contamination caused acute gastroenteritis, bacterial toxins cause blood palsy, reflex movement disorders, breastfeeding, pain, convulsions, respiratory distress, cyanosis and death.

3.How do I know dogs poisoned milk?


  • Breast milk poisoning syndrome is typical phenomenon sudden abdominal pain, puppies cry, whine lasted until weak fainting, diarrhea caused by other than breastfeeding so no dogs, no consumption due sudden cold, diarrhea caused by nematode infection too early … no abdominal pain, groan.
  • It is difficult to observe the dog feces dog diarrhea because mom always licking, anus clean. Can identify anal see red, rough as flower soup Saul and the tail was always wet because the mother dog more dues.
  • Normal distribution of breastfeeding puppies yellow and slightly sour smell. When diarrhea turn green and the smell mosaic.
  • Mother dog detection examination of reproductive tract infections, mastitis and inflammatory fluids from the vagina, nipples and skin inflammations and stomach ulcers.
  • Mother dog milk sampling make antibiotic if suspected inflammation milk glands to determine appropriate antibiotic treatment.

4.Treatment of breast milk poisoning syndrome in newborn dogs how?


  •  Reduce the number of breast-feeding if the puppy had diarrhea caused by feeding too full.
  • Wean early or for nursing mother dogs outside if determined inflammation or uterine discharge pus mastitis, milk gland ..
  •  Treatment with antibiotics spiramycin mother dogs (less affect lactation) while waiting for the test results of milk samples with antibiotic map to find appropriate antibiotic treatment.
  •  Experience folk for the dog to drink ginger tea bloating indigestion treatment is very effective.

5.Preventing breast milk poisoning syndromes like?


-Always check for infections of the uterus, vagina and mastitis for the mother dog.

-Keep udder hygiene, maternal abdomen dog yoy during lactation.

-Check and dog nail clippers to avoid scratching the breast while nursing.



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