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Overdressed Disease in Cats

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Overdressed Disease in Cats


Perhaps you often said that actions such as licking the face, hair, tail … or a claw hand is like coquetry nature of cats, but if you look closer you will see that the truth is not necessarily so. If you are interested in pet cats from now please pay attention to those actions more and you will discover many seemingly simple but has huge influence on pet cats.


These things have generally liked her cat eyes closed, slowly licking legs, tail and claws are often used to wash her face. These actions are very natural, comfortable and now poses like people playing “violin”.
According to the study by the Cornell Feline Health Center, cats usually spend half the time in life to beauty. And it seems that we often do not easily recognize there are some cats infected her “addiction grooming”.


However, she has a habit of excessive licking her is not necessarily the tone momentum. But it may be a manifestation of a disease called “disease in cats molt.” Upon seeing the action we often assume that her cats are “doing dance” because the signs are not easily discovered until we found out on our skin are more hairless spot.




Cats are creatures of habit compliance. They usually work on schedule and habits change will cause them stress. Excessive grooming may originate from stress and from a variety of causes following causes:

– There is a new child is born or have an animal in the house.

– It’s close friend died.

– Overwork.

– Indoor divorced people.

– The impact of a neighbor’s cat.

– A family member died.

– Moving house.

– A child in the house moved.

– Decorate the house.

– Loud noise.



Fur in some places on your body fall into the large array is the first sign.
Pay attention to the coat of pet cats is considered that any unusual signs or not. If you observe your pet cat spends too much time on “grooming” should pay attention to the area cats started “grooming” too much and the parts of the body can easily look signs such as inner thigh, leg, belly or tail. If you see any signs of the sheds, then check to see whether environmental changes stimulated habit of “grooming” of cats or not.

It is important that as soon as they see signs of hair loss, you must do something to prevent this if the feather continues by continued loss will affect the skin and this is also a factor pet cat stimulate self hurt yourself. This action is the same as we often bite their nails when tense, nail biting causes more shortening and could also cause damage to the nail.


The book “Starting the wounds: How to change the habits of adult cats” by Pam Johnson- Bennett can help you figure out the cause of the hair loss and cats often try to create the new environment reduces stress for pet cats. But there are a few problems we can not solve such as the death of a family member, but we can have some method appease, help cats feel calmer when faced with this change.



  • Play with and care for pet cats are effective measures to help eliminate the stress that is endured pet cat. Love it more, every day talking to it in time to feel tired pet cat will help a lot in making it forget the stress and makes it feel safe again.


  • If you must go out to work, then the program helps prepare it for its entertainments, such as DVD dedicated to cats (including the animals that like birds, mice, fish ..) or put a bird cage in the window. Or try putting a small pet cat toy around when you are out. Tell it about this toy and help it get used to them.


  • If your pet cat has lost a dear friend, try to adopt another cat. But never do this immediately, but let it set forget by putting another cat to replace the cat has lost its only making the situation more tense and maybe the “brush broaching “the momentum will become increasingly serious.


  • Perfume fleur-de-lis pet cat can help reduce stress effectively. Try rub a little fleur-de-lis flavor pet cat ears or rub its foot pads, or add a few drops of water on it will also make it more comfortable.


  • When your pet cat calmed down and no longer stress again, it will return to the proper grooming instinct of her tone momentum.


  • If you think the habitat changes are not the cause of his pet cat shield “grooming” too far, then handed it to see a veterinarian. This may be the cause of some disease of cats as: Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid), food allergies, fungal infections, skin parasites, scabies.
    If untreated, the process of “grooming” can stop.


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