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Way indoor Cats


When cats, people often fear the cat will play away from home. But you can rest assured that the cat will not wander off if you make it a fun place to be comfortable.

Q: ” I adopted a cat, it was three years old and his name is Jerry. My Jerry worries me. Before my cat dead on a path near the house, and I am afraid that the same thing will happen with Jerry. It likes to go out but I’m trying to keep it out much. How can I make it accustomed to living in the house or keep it free from external dangers? “

2House Francesca learned behavior Riccomini said: Cats love to feel some control over what happens to it. It is a matter of ethics when you want to turn a cat roam outside the city like a cat in the house only. It also requires a lot of effort to ensure that your home offers a full range of necessary elements for the needs of cats.


Would you like to encourage Jerry to spend time at home if you can do anything for the environment is no longer tension and stimulate the playful cat. That means no one put attention on Jerry, but should respond to its approach is the best way that Jerry likes. If this is a game, it will be fun without disturbing you.


Also make sure that you create a level playing field with those changes by placing a series of boxes, tunnels, tents, and other items of paper in different rooms. Move or hide this toy – hanging mobile phone and CD caught the light to attract its attention. Use a small part of it puts food in different places in your home to encourage him to explore and add many different toys around your home.


Do not forget the entertaining of things like cat food, put the food scattered in the toy or places around the house to check its search capabilities. Open cupboard and closet so that it can explore inside and buy the DVD of the cat so it could enjoy watching television.


Pay attention to the garden and apply the same principles. Many cats like to wander too boring for home gardens – areas of refuge, the climbing frame or outdoor toilet can make a difference. Maybe you will find things around for his garden without having to spend a large fee.

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