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Dog Bathing Is No Longer A Problem

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Dog bathing is no longer a problem


How many times do you find bathing your dog a struggling and tiring experience? These tips may help you to make your dogs no longer hate the bath and enjoy their bathing time.

1. Choose a suitable shampoo


There are many kinds of shampoo that you can choose to give your dog a lovely and gentle bath:

  • Oatmeal Based Shampoo: the advantages of this kind of shampoo are its gentleness and moisturizing texture for dogs’ skin. It is highly recommended for frequent bathing and anti- itching properties.
  • Medicated Shampoo: It is prescribed by veterinarian to treat many skin problems. Therefore, its ingredients often contain anti-fungal or antibiotic composition as well as cleansers.
  • Flea and Tick Shampoo: this type of product should be used correctly and safely, as it is consisted of an insecticide called derived from the Chrysanthemum plant called Pyrethrins, and is typically used for dogs only. It is very toxic to cats, so be careful to keep cat stay away from dogs as it could lick this product’s remnants. If any sign of reaction occurs like Lethargy, Drooling, Vomiting, Seizures, Muscle Tremors, you need to bring your dog to the veterinarian immediately.

2. Make your dogs tired before bath


Spending time playing or having a walk with your dog is a great idea to make your dog less strong to fight the process. Also, when feeling hot and exhausted, he would feel more enjoyable to the bathing experience.

3. Avoid overbathing your dogs


Bathing definitely gives your dog a healthy and clean body, but excessive bathing would turn out to have a negative impact on your dog’s health. It may cause your dog some skin irritation, as it removes the natural oil on dog’s skin, or damage your dog’s fur. In general, one trip to the tub per month is perfect for dogs, unless they are too dirty and smelly.

4. Choose perfect time, perfect location


First, make sure to have enough time to bathe your dogs, so it would be much of a positive and relaxing experience for them.  Second, choosing a great location to bathe your dogs, for example: a sunny home yard, an outside bathing tub with warm water or even a bath in the bathing room, as long as your dog is comfortable.

Adjust the temperature of water that suits your dog’s preference, so he would not stand rigidly and shake in fear.

5. Have some bathing techniques


You should apply these tips when serving your dogs an enjoyable bath:

  • Communicate with dogs: Bringing a positive attitudes and assertive energy into this process, and you would see a big difference. This also makes you feel better when considering bathing time as playtime.
  • Avoid the ears and eyes: equip the ears with cotton balls and take them out when the bathing is over. Additionally, during showering, avoid the eyes’ zone as it can be hurt by your soap and shampoo.
  • Start bathing with the head: Pour water gently and gradually onto their head, before working your way backwards down the back, limbs and tail… most dogs are tolerant at the beginning of the process, and dealing first with the head seems to facilitate the problem.
  • Provide treats for them: When your dogs sit calmly and do what you ask for, you should associate that good manners with great rewards.

In a conclusion, I hope that with these advice, as the owners of dogs, you guys can take in some interesting tips to make dog- bathing much more relaxing for both you and your dogs.

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