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Closing a Proper Cat

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Closing a Proper Cat


To carry the cat properly, you must first ensure that the cat feel safe and comfortable with your presence. Then you need to reach the cat, to pay the time to get acquainted with you, and hold your notes up to my chest, let’s make that tiny creatures feel safe.

The steps are:

1. Access to the cat.

2If you want to hold a cat, you should first let the cat know that you are approaching uncle. That is, you can gently talk to uncle, uncle to see you, or simply let the cat know your presence in any way. If you approach from behind cat completely unaware that pay it, the cat may have a feeling of fear and panic, as well as unsafe.

• Some experts suggest that the best approach is from the left or right of the cat, because the frontal approach direction looks like a threat.

• It is obvious that you should not seek to hold stray cats on the road without the proper preparations. They can be aggressive and dangerous. You can try to hold a new cat you adopt, or cats of friends around when their permission.

2. Introduce yourself to the cat.

4 Cats need time to get used to you, even the cat that you feed too. When the cat know that you’re approaching, you should be friendly and loving uncle to uncle hug ready for you. Cats often introduce themselves with others by rubbing in the face, you should also do the same, gently stroking the cat’s cheeks, forehead, and behind the ears, under the chin or even if the cat feel comfortable. Gently stroking the cat helps to feel safe and loved, and he would be willing to give you hugs.

• If your cat feel stressed, this way can also help defuse uncle. It may take a little time to calm the cat.

3. Make sure the cat want to be held.

5 Cats will give you a clear indication they do not want to be held. Although you can slowly eased and make your cat trusts you by stroking their heads, but you should not try to hold a cat when he is upset or are in the mood not-want win proposition-closing. If you want to get away from the cat bite or scratch you, or you, or start scrambling to you, then you should try closing notes on another occasion.

• This is especially important when children want to carry a cat. Want kid holding a cat when he is in a relaxed state and believe the child; you do not want her baby to be scratch than trying to hold a cat does not want to be held.

4. Closing way

6Put one hand under the cat, behind the forelegs. Gently slip your hands into the bottom of the cat, just below the front of the note, so you’ll be the fulcrum needed to hold the cat up. The cat may be resistant or not agreeable to you immediately, so you will need to adapt and use your other hand immediately afterwards.

• You can use your hands or not conveniently located to hold the cat from the bottom, it does not matter as long as you feel convenient for themselves.

• Some people also held front legs of a cat together and putting hands underneath them, instead of holding the lower leg.

  • To free hand underneath the back of the cat. Now place your left hand underneath the cat’s hind legs, the legs and buttocks to raise the pay up. You can view this step as if hugging the cat with one hand. Once your hands in the right position, you can hold the cat up.

5. Gently hold the cat up.

7 When you’re hugging the cat with both hands, gently picked up the cat, toward your chest. Please try to contact with your whole body when you just picked the cat up. This will help the cat feel safe soon. If the cat is too heavy to be picked up from the floor, you can hold notes from a table or a goal.

6. Embracing cat chest.

8 Once you’ve picked the cat up with both hands, you can cuddling in front of the chest to attach body contact with your body. The cat can lean back or side portion input your chest. Generally, the cats should be in a position lying flat instead of rolled up in your chest to the head and neck, peered down; This suggests that cats posture not entirely comfortable.

• Always carry a cat in the first position at the top. Never hold the cat backwards to the buttocks up front!

• Of course, some cats may prefer to be held in a different manner, especially when it’s your cat feel more comfortable paying for you. Some cats absolutely feel okay when picked as the baby while others may prefer to put the legs back up to your shoulders.

7. Find out when the cat no longer likes to be held.

9Once the cat began to play, turning or even meow or trying to get out of your hand, then it is time to drop the cat down. You will not want to hug the cat when he does not want to, because it turned and felt uncomfortable, and felt threatened. Some cats do not like to be hugged for a long time, so if you feel the cat is no longer comfortable in your arms, then drop down notes.

8. Gently put the cat down.

10Do not toss the cat down when you feel he is not comfortable; This would make it pay off balance or “landing” a grotesque way. Instead, put the cat down until all four legs touch the floor uncle, then please drop a note.

9. Do not grab the cat neck.

11 Although spared the mother cat by the nape caught them, but you do not grab the nape cats, especially if they have three months or older. To that age, older cats and grabbed his neck will cause pain for cats, as well as damage to the body because the body of the note was too big cats that can be raised only by the nape section. Although sometimes you or your veterinarian should be seized as an injection or neck cats nails trimmed for us, but you are not the cat grabbed his neck just because you think it’s a fun way to carry a cat.

10. If a child wants to hold a cat, please watch them carefully.

12Make sure that the kids enjoyed holding a cat, but if we want to do that, then you have to guide them carefully and make sure that the child is big enough to hold a cat in a relaxed manner; if the baby is too small, it is best to hug the cat to the baby in a sitting position. When the child is picked up the cat, keep an eye on the cat so that you know when to make the baby drop-down cat.

These tips may help:

• Some cats do not like to be held. Do not force them. In this case, let’s just holding the cat when absolutely necessary, such as when to bring attention to the veterinary clinic, for example, and may be only once a week, to contact the cat not to be held with the to the veterinary clinic.

• Access a cat slowly and softly, do not act surprised. Then slowly last people down and let the cat sniff or “research” you. If you think your cat is not a threat, I’ll walk up to.

• Hold your cat gently with arms. Do not just use one hand to hold the abdomen cats, they will feel uncomfortable. When cats do not toss the cat drop to the ground! Gently put the cat on the floor.

• Take steps to step number seven in a coherent way.

• If the kittens proved uncooperative and you need to carry her away, try cat grabbed his neck. Although this is how mother cats forgive you, but you still need to help the cat’s hind section.


• Do not carry the cat from the back of the baby holding position. It makes cats feel trapped and restless, frightened cats can and will scratch you. Always held the cat in an upright position against your body, like safer. (Unless you have experienced that the cat will not be upset when being hugged from behind). Those cats too erratic.

• Do not carry the cat when you absolutely do not know anything about them, and never sought to hold a wild cat. That may cause you to be hospitalized for a few scratches blood splash.

• If you get scratched, wash the wound with soap and water and apply an antibiotic. Mong where cats are not very clean.

• We fully protests by pinching style cat neck closing them. Cats can be very serious injury if the neck was caught in the wrong way, and you too because this posture for enough space to swing a cat over and bite / scratch you.

• Always keep in mind the danger of being bitten and scratched cat.

Wish you all a happy moments of your cat!!!

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