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When Dogs and Cats Sick You have to Do?

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When Dogs and Cats Sick You have to Do?

1.When dogs and cats with diarrhea vomiting


When dogs and cats with diarrhea vomiting first thing is that you stop feeding and not to drink milk, drink water only orezol monitoring within 6 hours if you need to come from the vet immediately. The doctor will examine and may do blood tests to determine the cause by a virus, bacteria or parasites from which will have specific treatments for each patient, as the duration of treatment is shortened, pain pain and harm of antibiotics for livestock will be less.

2.When dogs and cats cough, pneumonia, green nasal discharge


When dogs and cats cough, pneumonia, runny nose first green you have to keep warm is not showered in cold room and disease progression if you need to go to the vet, this time outside the review blood test to find the cause, doctors also appointed additional nasal antimicrobial susceptibility to bacterial identification and antibiotic indicated for the treatment best suited exactly effective in each case of pneumonia, when there your test results will be assured that the treatment will not have to bother the right direction to find the best doctor to another doctor.

3.When you see signs of cat and dog urine very, pushing urine, blood in the urine


When you see signs of cat and dog urine intense, pushing urine, blood in the urine you should not arbitrarily buy diuretics for drink, it will be very dangerous that can cause bladder rupture or break a drain urine. You also need to bring to the doctor immediately, this time in addition to the formula of blood tests, the doctor will test probe kidney function and will appoint a general ultrasound or X-rays to know that your pet is kidney disease or bladder where, cause cause:
Do hotels in the kidneys or bladder caused by a certain tumor in the urinary tract pinched … as the cause, your doctor will decide to use medical methods or surgical incision take property, rather than simply injecting 3 doses and about, your pet will go a sudden and you’re the one who put them to death for not bringing them to the clinic with full equipment for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

4.when you see your pet showing signs of breathing difficulty, cyanosis


When you see your pet showing signs of breathing difficulty, cyanosis, or fainting when rejoice, when climbing stairs you need to see a doctor immediately to check for heart worm, and X-rays to diagnose big heart, pericardium water volume, or cases tracheal collapse sun which has its own method for each case of disease.

5.When your pet dermatitis rash, hair loss


When your pet becomes inflamed rashes, hair loss, itching, continuous paper, has treated many times that you should not come from the doctor recommended skin tests to find the cause of dermatitis fungi, parasites caused by Demodex, Sarcoptes, bacterial dermatitis have caps, or only with food allergies if these causes, the doctor will not further explore the function of the thyroid gland to tackle prolonged skin inflammation for your pet special ways not to prolong discomfort for you and your pet.

6.When your pet has signs or vomiting after eating


 When your pet has signs or vomiting after eating, pale mucous membranes, prolonged anorexia, ragged fur, abdominal distention you need to come to the doctor and tests suggest functional liver, pancreas, blood tests to look for spirochetes Lepto major cause of hepatitis and ultrasound to find out the cause hepatitis, cirrhosis, or liver cancer tumors.

You see that dog treat pet no longer simple anymore, can not cure the disease is not diagnosed, so diagnosis can be made based not only on the senses like hearing that palpation type resort to these support machines such as ultrasound, X-ray, physiological blood analyzer, blood biochemistry, microscopy and specific drugs for each patient. Therefore you need to choose yourself a reputable clinic with good management quality, such as patient records are managed by software, can be investigated at any time, can track the process treatment, drugs used in their lifetime, with machinery and equipment for diagnosis and treatment, have the ability to evaluate the results of tests, ultrasound, and given X-ray the most effective treatments .

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