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Teaching Cats Defecate in Place

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Teaching Cats Defecate in Place

1Frankly speaking, cats do not like too much weight on a dog. If the owner knows how to train, the cat will be very docile and obedient.

 One problem that I hear the most complaints about them cats is “cat i do too, or get into the hidden corners feces stuck” makes us very positive move. Not to mention, they have a loyalty to the place to go I, went nowhere lifetime is just aimed at that place to which to send the stool. In fact, just been taught the right way from the new home, we will be extremely docile cats, clean and lovely. With many years experience of taking the cat, I will guide you how to set the cat toilet in place, avoiding haphazard across the range of I offline.

Step 1: Isolate the area cat stuck angle, back of the house.

2The truth about cats is that they are afraid of the smell of orange peel, lemon, tangerine, grapefruit. Cats are generally hydrophobic oil of this type of cover (for the dog, it is the smell of galangal root and chili). You can test this by a slight jar orange peel / lemon and put back near its nose, will see how they react.
In addition they also dislike the smell of coffee grounds / vinegar / camphor. To be safe, I recommend ingredients like coffee grounds. You can use all kinds of shells, along with coffee grounds stuck sprayed into the corner, back of the house or anywhere you do not want cats to loiter. We will definitely not hover or get into the corners that you spread this mixture. In addition, well furnished, hulled to prevent scratching the furniture pieces in your home.

Step 2: Create the toilet for cats.

3Use a plastic box (or carton / plastic tub) pour a layer of sand and put in the area you want to place the cat toilet. Sand cats to meet will automatically dig and defecate on it. Let the cat get used to the position you want (corner toilet), go slowly quit the sand box and the cat will go the toilet right place. Depending on the conditions under which you use to build a normal sand or sand used for cat toilet (available in supermarkets and stores items dogs and cats). Dedicated stones with deodorizing properties, self-blocking effects when exposed to waste offline. Each time the cat is done, you just pick up “objects” that are to be discarded.

Or training of students in the toilet cat toilet on the following steps

1. Go down the location of the cat sand tray still defecate near the toilet and then close to the toilet.

52 .Gradually increasing the height of the sand cat toilet tray from 5cm / day until flush with the toilet. Put key into place on the toilet so the cat jumped up and get used to the tray at a height that.

9 10 113. Using a new tool in the form of metal mound toilet sat, somewhat concave place toilet.

4. Sand to “metal tub” for cat raked and I in. Phase out sand.

5. The Ministry of sand until the sand cat is not accustomed, cats will go directly into the toilet.


To feed a pet, not just love, but you also need to have patience and hard work. Believe that after the initial struggle, little friend will give us some minutes to relax, relieve stress and sorrow very effective.

           Wish you successful!

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