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When should You Drink more Fish Oil for Dogs

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When should You Drink more Fish Oil for Dogs

1 Dog food supplemented with fish oil is one of the issues many people are interested. Sometimes you encounter some difficult problems in dogs from supplements of fish oil? Dog eat more oily fish like is reasonable and best for the health of dogs? So let’s work together to find out more about the issues related to the addition of fish oil for dogs is like the most logical.

1.Fish oil capsules dog depends on the dog’s diet?

The addition of fish oil and omega 3 fatty acids have important data on your dog house? And fish oil supplements for dogs to suit depends very much on the regime’s daily diet of dogs.

2Normally, if a dog has not diet too dry or contain too many nuts, but mostly fresh meat from herbivores, the fish oil supplements are not so necessary. However, if the dog’s daily food contains too much omega-6 as regularly eat more dry beans and vegetable oil, this is when you need fish oil supplements to balance their nutrition. It is better that you change their diet, remove dry grain foods and vegetable oils rich in omega-6 and replaced with fresher foods, before thinking of additional fish oil for dogs. If the dog eats too much or too little either of these fatty acids, hormones and the immune system of the body becomes imbalanced. Dogs are often fed fresh foods derived from animals can graze ratio omega-6 / omega-3 is ideal 3/1.

2.When to fish oil supplements for dogs?

3Besides diet, there are some other factors also that you should consider adding fish oil for dogs. Demand offers generally higher fatty acids in dogs, in addition to the dog pregnant, lactating, or the dog is in the process of recovering from injury or chronic disease. During this time, the foods like liver, egg yolks and poultry, or a little cod liver oil is enough to supplement nutrition for a dog diet has high quality.

3.In some cases, the dog needs more omega-3 in their diet.

The symptoms of a deficiency in omega-3 are:

  • Easily become tired
  • Coat becomes dry and fibrous
  • Skin dryness, flaking or itching
  • Brittle nails, brittle
  • Pain and swelling


If you feel the dog diet is not enough omega-3 fatty acid or in the daily nutrition is not enough compared to the lifestyle and conditions of their habitat, you should consider adding fish oil daily for the dog.

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