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Preventing dog, cat infect humans

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In fact, dogs and cats can infect people via the following path:
1. roundworm Toxocara sp Due: This type of parasitic roundworm in the digestive tract of dogs and cats. Worm eggs excreted in feces. After a time, the eggs may infect humans by the oral route. On to the intestines of humans, the eggs hatch into larvae, the larvae penetrate the bloodstream all the organs in the body and cause illness in those agencies. The disease occurs in all ages, most often in children by the children or play in soil, sand, crawling on the floor or la or cuddling, petting dogs and cats. Meanwhile, the eggs were available on their feathers sticking dogs, cats, and dogs and cats have preferences rolling, burying themselves in the sand, soil … Then they brought a hand to mouth sucking handling food or obsolete swallowed the eggs have the potential to spread. The larvae of the worms in the brain can cause paralysis, blurred vision eye damage, blindness; to the liver causing liver abscess; leather to create the bruises that many parents just think so hyperactive children running up down the skin bruises.


2. Do hookworm Ancylostoma caninum: This type of worms in dogs, cats, and then penetrate into the human body through the skin, forming zigzag lines under the skin causing itching red.

3. Do Dipylidium caninum tapeworm range: Normally this type of parasitic worms in the intestine range of dogs and cats. They can be transmitted to people through the mouth.

4. Do gnathostomiasis Gnathostoma sp: parasites in dogs and cats, the worms want to infect humans through intermediate hosts such as fish, eel, shrimp cook yet.

A very important thing to note is that almost all kinds of parasitic worms in the body when people are not mature in the intestinal tract. Due to adverse environment, they are not mature and can not lay eggs. Thus, eggs can not detect dog or cat when stool tests whom the diagnosis must be made by a combination of clinical symptoms and epidemiological factors, immune serum diagnostics, ultrasound, pathology.

Bleach worms designated for Ascaris, hookworms, whipworms, pinworms and tapeworms (beef tapeworm, tapeworm), fluke. Also ectopic parasite larvae by as it is difficult to destroy. Also in dogs, cats mature, they should be easy to eradicate drug. Need to apply some extra hygiene measures such as:

– Wash hands before eating, cutting short nails.

– Rinse thoroughly under running water to eat raw vegetables before use.

– Shoes go outside air brought into the house.

– Keep dogs and cats in the child’s room.

– Regularly wash for dogs and cats to eliminate worm eggs stick on the back.

– The sandy beach for children playing or bathing beaches have to be fenced, should not let dogs and cats defecate.

– When gardening, fertilizing soil, tending plants should use it and wear gloves when in contact with soil, fertilizer. Then wash your hands with soap.

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