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Some things You should Do with Your Pet Dog

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Some things You should Do with Your Pet Dog


One of the best things when you have a dog that we take the time to party, have fun together. Whether globetrotting adventures or simply lying on the lounge, all those memorable moments that you did what care and pet dog beside them very worthwhile.

1. Training dogs jumping rope

3Why jump rope? Because when your dog knows how to jump rope, then of course his jump operation was smooth and he can jump on the bed or anywhere high that he wants without your help half. You will not lose too much time to teach them this, of course your dog to do, nor a moment. To train must have the time and your enthusiasm.
Initially, you hold a stick in front of the dogs, a few centimeters above the ground, and put the other side of tasty food that loves attention. Let him jump, and once crossed, then take a reward for him. Gradually raising the rod higher and farther until your dog actually jump over easily. After the dog get used to the jump, replace the stick with a string tied one end fixed to the pole, start them jump over the wire to a lower position, and move gradually higher with each jump success.
And to add excitement to your dog, try to swing so he jumps over it, repeat until the dog jumps into a complete circle. Remember that praise and rewards for your dog as excited offline!

2. Take your dog to the pet-friendly places

4Many owners feel guilty for leaving your pet behind when they enter their stay. So why not let us go together. Planning for a friendly vacation for them is easier than you think. Or for them to participate in the activities of the clubs, dog clubs. This will make your dog feel more exciting and dynamic.

3. Playing hide and seek in the house

5If you feel no need to worry if your dog to stay at home, then you will create a play area for dogs can play hide and seek. Simple you just take the dog to a specific place of the house, said he could stay and then find a good hiding place. When you call them, the dog will sniff curiously around to search you. When he found you, give praise to him with an incentive reward.

4. Take your dog to the beach

6You’ve never seen a dog digging in the sand or splashing water running made waves in yet? That’s one of the best ways to relax when you to spend an afternoon with your dog. While the new summer season is that we or the beach for vacation, the dogs seem to be able to enjoy it all year round as they frolic in the sand and there. And you remember to bring toys like tennis balls or plastic disc to toss into the water for your dog, there are many useful game workout anymore offline!

5. Protect your dog from fleas and ticks

7Keep clean for your dog and can use all kinds of products on the market such as shampoo, medicine ticks, fleas on the advice of a veterinarian to help your dog and avoid diseases prevention this skin.

6. Take photos of your dog

9Who would want to take snapshots for adorable four-legged friends around. Plan your dog photographed in the early morning or late afternoon, when the sun is not shining directly but still natural light to take beautiful photos. You can use additional tools for dog costume or can decorate the surroundings to create impressive images.

7. Running together

10You can give your dog to participate in the race friendly dog ​​if your dog has a good run for their ability to burn excess energy. Before that you please take your dog to the vet for a checkup see Note we can afford to participate in a race or not. If all went well, you rehearse with your dog, do not push them too hard and be trained in monitoring the health of the dog, if any signs of exhaustion or shortness of breath, let the dog work slow down and rest periods to power them.

8. Plan a party for dogs

11Whether it is a birthday party or a midsummer party, invite all the dogs in the neighborhood to make a celebration for dogs. Make sure the area you party are safe and careful with food and drink around, avoid inciting the dogs. Toys scattered on the lawn and drink plenty of water put in the shade for the dogs can frolic and play comfortably.

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