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How to Care for a Dog Coat

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How to Care for a Dog Coat


Care for dogs in general and in particular dog fur is the work necessary for the dog to love and actually for me. Firstly by beautiful dog fur. Which have beautiful dogs, other people compliment me roommates nose
There are a few things you want to “advise” the doctor does not know as follows:

1. Step “opening”:

2Before conducting grooming for dogs, pay our doctors consider carefully all aspects. Now doctors are not considered as a puppy love, but a “patient” in need of help.

2. The requirements for care of dog hair.

3 Dog fur should be brushed regularly, massage and rub lightly. In case of necessity, have to bending, molding similar to human hair. I will guide each way a physician (if the doctor incur dental chocolate!) ….

3. The types of dog hair.

4 Dogs have different hair types, but mainly:
 Setae, fluffy and curly hair …
we tend to distinguish the coat: Short, long, sparse, thick … If not taken care of the baby, many dog ​​was not happy about the care for their fur, especially when to bring back them out, do for them to feel insecure toan.Thi sell all the milk bath, conditioner … dedicated to all different kinds of dogs. It is important to choose a physician with the coat of the dog house physician.

4. How to care for dog hair.

5Dog Care should correspond to their condition, helping them to relax, comfortable and responsive to changes in climate and weather of the year. First to take measures to eliminate all kinds of insects jump, ticks, lice and other harmful parasites clinging to the dog. These types of parasites are separate pesticides, are not harmful to dogs. Can you investigate online or ask your vet for information. Dog hair must always be the natural fat layer to protect. Therefore, if a dog grooming regularly will feel comfortable, enjoy, relax. Fur is dirty, caked not only cause discomfort but the dogs makes them more susceptible to many different diseases, skin diseases as well as diseases of organs. Dirty dogs are also favorable conditions for harmful parasite development. Dog grooming is not only dirt, but also makes them sticky blood circulation better dog. Many dogs have behavioral molt in the spring and autumn. During shedding the doctor must use the little comb or brush, different thickness as appropriate, to take away the old feathers fall out and new hair grows makes better parts and easy to “breathe” better . When you groom your dog, the doctor should pay special attention to areas such as flat coat problems, loss or damaged skin. normally many just brushed pác dog fur on the back and hips. But feathers neck, nape and between their legs are vulnerable where glue, pilling.
Dogs do not like to work on the abdomen and the sensitive parts of them. If action comes, they can bite into the comb, brush or hands of doctors there. But can not ignore those areas are. Ideally the doctor used the rubber gloves to handle spikes gently. Uncle yet only a dog breeding, caring for its fur is even more significant rays. The male dog to care for each other in social relationships herd. Dog “child” does not take care of themselves. For hair care for dogs should also learn to have the knowledge (as I am conveying here!) As mentioned above, each dog is how to take different care.
It is important for physicians to take care of plumage to breed true that the doctor owns; note the difference between the basic nature dog fur short and long.

  • Dog Care hard coat (brush)


Dog care cycle hard coat depends on the length of the coat. If the coat is short, not a lot of care and vice versa. When the dog grooming comb or physicians select appropriate brush, lightly brush the hair root out truth, not to comb or brush fibers poke dogs. When they came tangled hair can be flat or combed a couple of times before the normal brush. While brushing, gently massage the skin so the dog to stimulate fat glands where the hair follicle works well. The grease glands function makes fur shiny and soft. When brushing for dogs, we take away the dead hair, hair. Normally one should comb (or brush) sparse brush first, then brushed with a fine comb and brush again with the last toothed comb.

  • For bushy and curly hair curling.

9Basically grooming this dog is no different than short-haired dogs, only thing is to be brushed several times a week, which ideally should be brushed daily. Long-haired dogs prone to aggregation in the neck. So the more we have to brush thoroughly with a long toothed comb after combing, brushing and answered back with a fine comb to comb or brush to coat in order.

  • Dog Care with curly hair, wavy similar


You can use a slightly jerky movements comb to remove tangled hair. The dog coat is too thick and too long need to be cut back. Pruning should be done dog fur 3-4 weeks and not be harming their plumage. In case you are confused, it is better to bring your dog to the care facility with expertise, funding cost little but make sure they get proper care techniques.

5. Bathe, wash the dog.

11 Dogs can roam freely swim into lakes, rivers and streams and thereby playing their fur clean. However, breeding dogs GPs no such condition should bathe them periodically certain, do so that they are clean, not parasites attack. However, if the dog grooming conducted as much as possible, the dog needs a bath for certain considerations. Undercoat of dogs typically have enough functionality to cope with all types of wet weather, wet, hot, cold and always covered with a layer of fat to protect and nourish. Usually we just brush and vacuum suction of foreign bodies (and the parasite) is sufficient. Where dirty and smelly dog ​​new I should shower. Every time you go out on that dog gets dirty doctors should wash or bathe them with water is sufficient. Shower them with many kinds of non-standard body wash will make losing fat dog breed and protect hair, making them prone to diseases. I have to repeat: Bathe the dog to use bath oils, conditioner specialized, neutral products and bathe only when absolutely necessary to avoid damaging their fur and skin.

Some special products.

-Antibacterial cotton linens MICROMED
A type of special-purpose towel for dogs and cats, woven-fiber cotton with silver ionization. Usage is lined scarf for dogs lie. The advantage of this type of tissue is destroyed almost the whole (99.97%) of the bacteria for a long time; non-toxic for not using chemicals. Bactericidal effect brought about by the silver ions. Towels washed in water temperature of 60 degrees C for repeated use.

Cream, shower gel, conditioner for dogs no less diversity to be few. The doctor is now investigating on the internet. Do not wash dishes with water for bathing as there are doctors did. Extremely hazardous because fat layer protects the entire dog hair be washed out! No sooner the dog’s fur and skin will dry physicians and unavoidable skin infections!
The herbicide and parasites:

It varies. The doctor asked the best experiences of village elders or reference dog consulting veterinarian.

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