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Old Dog cause Anorexia

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Old Dog cause Anorexia

1Your dog has to change from a puppy always greedy and never refused any delicious meal to become a more mature older dogs and anorexia. You do not simply assume that it feels no appetite because of advanced age. Although there are many different factors that affect the appetite of a dog was old, we still have to find out the cause in order to protect health and maintain the best treatment possible.


3You should take your dog to the vet to timely monitor and know the health condition should be noted in the removal of dog eat dog do.Nhung elderly are more likely to face a number of health problems more. These issues might affect the ability to taste and eating them, especially if they are having other symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, weakness, or sleeping too much congestion. Veterinarians will perform medical tests to rule out the possibility of disease such as cancer, hepatitis, stomach problems, kidney disease, or periodontal disease. These diseases will make them feel too painful to eat and chew food. Arthritis in his back or head makes our heads down to our food becomes difficult.


2The dogs will require diverse diet, just like humans. Furry friend to your old may feel depressed when you see them the same diet for years. This will cause a reluctance, opposition of “the hunger”. Do not want to eat is probably the way he demands a new dish. You try to change the diets of him by giving him food if he’s boxed dry food and vice versa. You can help him adjust change by combining 75% of the old food with the new food intake by 25%. When he started eating again, you will slowly increase the amount of new food up. On the other hand, if you’ve recently changed his diet, you also try not to go back to the kind of food that your dog has ever eaten.

3.Feeling of fullness

5You should ensure that your dog is not digesting food from sources that you do not know origin because these foods can make him lose appetite in the daily diet. You should not allow family, friends or neighbors for him to eat those foods over the day or spilled food particles. If you feed other pets, you have to make sure he did not eat the food of the animals or even wander around a neighbor’s house and eat with their pets. You also have all trash sealed tightly so he can not climb inside and eat the leftover leftovers after meals.

4.Things to note

6Please make your old dog a sense of happiness when it’s time to eat. For example, you should teach him to play a game that rewards are certain food or feed him with a toy that does not need to stick his favorite. You can also bring your dog, walk or jog before meals to help him feel more delicious food. If you are raising other livestock species, you have to bring its food bowl to another room so that it can be eaten alone. You try to feed off the disk, or even different bowl to the floor so the dog would he be able to eat what it likes.

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