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4 Essential Keys To Adopting A New Dog

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4 Essential keys to adopting a new dog


Dogs are faithful and reliable animals. They are smart, cute and very brave. We love them with all of their characteristics, and we remember the first time meeting them and letting them into your home. Some dogs are very nice and obedient, but there are always exception individuals. They screw up your house, mess around, and don’t conform to what you would like them to do. To avoid this matter, here are some crucial tips for you when helping your dog make a successful adjustment to your house.

1. Preparation for the adoption


Make some considerations: your financial condition, your family  members’ preference for dog, which breed of dogs would suit your family, the costs involved when adopting a new dog… For example, as you get a new companion, what you need to prepare are not only dog food, but also treats, toys, bedding, training class, grooming, boarding and/or pet sitting and even unforeseen expenses like an occasional vet visit. Certainly, the benefits far outweigh the costs, if you are affordable. However, if your budget is limited, these are what you should prepare at least: a food and treats, bowls for food and water, a dog bed, a leash and collar, and maybe some toys.

2. Rules should be established in advance


Let your dog know from the start who is the boss. Think forward of what you want your dogs to do, for example: which areas are off-limits, where your dogs should lie, which behavior is allowed inside the house. With these rules, you can put an end to some nasty activities that may arise in future, such as: your dogs jumping on people, eating shoes, climbing on furniture… Moreover, being occupied with training information will do you good before really making your dog’s acquaintance.

3. Be attentive to the welcoming process


It is common when you are excited about welcoming a new member into your house, however, this could affect negatively to our dogs, and you don’t want it happen. So, there are some tips that you should keep in mind during the welcoming day :

  • The most important step of welcoming a new dog into your space is to pick him up with calm and little excitement. It is advised that if you want to gain your dog’s trust early in the relationship, let him set the tone for greeting and restrain yourself until you see if he prefers calm greetings or wildly enthusiastic ones.
  • Introduce the dog to your house, but do not let him go first. If you can, let him sit or lie down, then be the host to invite him in.
  • Keep your dog on the leash, and lead him while walking from room to room in the most calming way. This action serve two purposes: First, it helps your dog to keep a calm state. Second, it gets him used to new place, smell and sight. Emphasizing your leadership by leading your dog to each room, and the door would serve as an opportunity for you to let your dog know you are his owner, and you decide when he can come in or exit the room.
  • Use your body language, simple sound, perform no touch, no eye contact during this welcoming tour. That would catch his attention, make him become overwhelmed and stay focused on you.
  • Be clear about the feeding area, then after completing the walking tour, offer him some rewards like water and some portions of food.
  • Last but not least, show the bedroom that you would like your dog to stay, and this is where you let him off-leash. By doing so, you have made your point: “This is your place”. So, don’t be surprised if your dog settle down immediately as he has realized his place already.

4. Provide a hygiene environment


In case there are other animals at home, be noticed of vaccinating them in advance before having a new one.  That your pets are in good health condition would prevent any unwanted consequences beforehand. Within a week of adoption, bring your adopted dog to the veterinarian for receiving vaccinations and health examination.

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